Junior High

The Junior High Wrestling team is comprised of 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.  The Jim Thorpe wrestling program strives to build successful student athletes.  Our goal is to generate successful student athletes and by doing so, we understand that the junior high wrestling program is vital to the success of our wrestling program at the high school and in achieving our goal of having successful student athletes.

We intend to teach our student athletes the fundamentals of wrestling technique. In many cases, we deal with student athletes who have never competed in this sport. It is our job as coaches to provide them the opportunity to learn technique that they can use on the mat.  More importantly, we will strive to teach our student athletes that success does not come easy and it is not only measured on the mat, but in the classroom and in life. We believe that the field of athletics allows for students to learn a lot about life. Our philosophy in wrestling is very comparative to the way life is.

Finally, we want to build Jim Thorpe Wrestling as one the perennial wrestling teams in the area. We realize that building a program in an area and a league that is well established will be hard, but, we know that through hard work, a relentless mindset, and by doing the right thing all the time will lead to the accomplishment of our goals. The type of student athlete we are looking for is simply those three things: one who works hard, one who is relentless, and one who focuses on doing the right things on the mat and off the mat.

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